ADMA Digital Marketing Certificate

When I studied marketing I didn’t know I’d need to continually re-train.  It’s a shock to realise that circa 2005 textbooks from my first four subjects of a Masters in Marketing are in fundamental ways hopelessly out of date.  The only references to digital are to Generation Y.  Digital channels are limited to websites and email.

Even the most conservative of businesses needs to be aware of social media and digital opportunities.  Generation Y – depending on how you define their ages – are coming of age, starting to drive, work and absolutely to consume.  The way they communicate, what they need as consumers, is different from any generation that’s gone before them.  And now it’s not just the businesses catering to youth who need to learn to speak digital.

So, I’m currently consolidating the one and two day digital courses I’ve been attending for the past few years with a Certificate in Digital Marketing from ADMA.  The content is spot on and the volume of learning and work is challenging.

Luckily, as I sit down to an assignment on a Sunday, it’s also fascinating.  Invisible Ads.  Cutting edge technology.  Thanks Lynx Anarchy launch for spicing up my studies today!

Luckily too, the two windows in my office at least let me look out on a fabulous autumn day, way across the gardens and fields.  Amazingly, well into Autumn, there are still lots of flowers with the pentstemons going strong and the gauras and salvias just starting to fade.  Pansies and gazanias continue their year round vigil and light frosts haven’t slowed the pinks and whites of the geraniums still flourishing in the rock wall.  Sweet peas have come up for the next spring alongside poppies that are still flowering from the last!


About Yassrock

A marketer constantly brushing up on social and digital. Working in Sydney but living a tree change on a picturesque acreage in Yass, NSW Australia.
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