Does anyone still use a street directory?

I tried to explain the concept of reading a book of maps while driving to my four year old today.  I don’t think he really believed me.

I’ve just bought a new car.  That’s always a time to stop and think about changes in technology.

My first car didn’t have a tape deck.  My second car didn’t have air conditioning.  My third car didn’t have cruise control. 

My fourth car had a six stacker CD and turned on its own lights and windscreen wipers – I was in love. 

The next car had reverse parking sensors.  It turned out I needed these as it was my first sedan and I didn’t cope well with not being able to see to the back of the car…

Now I’m counting the days till my first experience with a factory fitted navigation system and a parking intelligence system that shows camera footage from all around the car.  Oh, and (of course) my keys won’t need to leave my pocket to open or start the car.

It’s fascinating to think what will be standard in my next car.  The first cars to drive themselves are already licenced in the US.  How far will technology come in our everyday vehicles in the next few years?

One thing is for sure.  My son will never have to learn to read a street directory!


About Yassrock

A marketer constantly brushing up on social and digital. Working in Sydney but living a tree change on a picturesque acreage in Yass, NSW Australia.
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One Response to Does anyone still use a street directory?

  1. kirsty says:

    Would you believe it…I pulled out the Melways this week. It was much quicker than following a GPS 🙂

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